The Best Rose Petal Jam. / by Vahid Mortezaei


Yesterday evening me and Milla visited the rose farm of Kotaja family in Vampula, in the southwest of Finland. The lovely couple, Tuuli and Matti, warmly welcomed us to their home and shared with us their rosy business story.


The couple takes care of 20 kilometres of beautiful rows of rose bushes in their farm. They research, develop and produce amazing products out of roses. Their heavenly product is Rose Petal Confiture (jam).


Rose pedals are the inseparable ingredient of Iranian cuisine and rose jam is one of the most favourite jam among Iranians. We believe that the most aromatic roses grow in Iran. Maybe we are right but I have to admit that we never managed to make such a good jam with our roses. The colour of Finnish Plant Rose Petal Confiture is as beautiful as the roses themselves. It’s full of aroma and tastes indescribably good.


Tuuli and Matti founded their company, FP-Kotaja Oy, in 1983. They used to make world famous Finnish Percussion congas on their farm. The congas were their own design and used by some of the best drummers around the world.


Matti was explaining that he really loved their trade mark FP and the logo of the company, so when later they started the rose business, he insistently tried to keep the logo. After nights and days of thinking, finally they came up with the new title of Finnish Plant for their company.


They export the jam to France, Germany, South Korea etc. The company supplies the Finnish market, too. Matti told us that some of the best restaurants of Finland like Olo are among the clients of their products.


Kotaja couple made our rainy Sunday evening full of light, energy, aroma and love. You can easily feel the combination of all these feelings in their Rose Pedal Confiture.