From dumpster diving to haute cuisine / by Vahid Mortezaei

Uncertainty, loneliness and failure are the nature of entrepreneurial life. But, being an entrepreneur in a foreign country has its own extra bumps. In fact, you should start from “below zero” since you have to overcome the cultural and language barriers and build a network from scratch. At the same time, being an entrepreneur is a tool to really pursue what you want and offers you unlimited possibilities for creativity.

Couple of weeks ago I was invited to share my story as an immigrant entrepreneur in Finland with Yle News, Finnish National Broadcasting Company’s audiences. Priya Ramachandran wrote a very nice article out of the interview, which you can read it here. Thanks a lot Priya!

Meanwhile I participated in the podcast program, the All Points North to discuss the very same topic with two other guests and the three hosts of the program. You can listen to the podcast here. Thanks Wall Denise, Mark B. Odom and Zena Iovino for having me in your program!

Thank you very much Mustafa Salam from Startup Refugees for recommending me to them!

I’m very curious to hear your thoughts and opinions about it in the comments. What do you think?