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Persikka™ is a permanent pop-up restaurant, creative culinary lab and catering services, dedicated to modernizing Iranian cuisine. Persikka™ is a culinary journey to the most heard but the least visited country in the world, IRAN.


Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 7000 BC. Geopolitical location of Iran shaped its culture. The country has been in the middle of the old world, connecting four corners of the world to each other. Iranian/Persian cuisine is a living record of this complicated history. The cuisine is an outcome of the thousands of years of cultural exchanges among the people who lived in that territory, passed by, conquered it or got conquered by.

Despite all the glorious background, nowadays being an Iranian is an undeniable stigma. International and national political propagandas created a totally distorted image of Iran and Iranians. They call it the axis of evil. 80 million population of the country continuously are labelled as terrorists. As the Iranian Oscar awarded filmmaker Asghar Farhadi puts it, in the past decades this rich and ancient culture has been hidden under the heavy dust of politics.


The term, persikka itself is a culinary novel: peach got its Finnish name -persikka- from the Persians, who brought the fruit to Europe [until 1935 Iran used to be called “Persia” and the inhabitants, Persian]. The name Persikka symbolises the historical links between two continents who for the past decades have shared a complex relationship.

Persikka is created by the Helsinki-based Iranian food designer, culinary artist and chef, Vahid Mortezaei. Vahid believes in the power of food as a storytelling media. He employs this powerful tool to build bridges between people through the culinary experiences. We share our culture and heritage via food. Every dish we eat has a story and a memory behind it. Geography, climate, believes, famines, abundances, birthdays, baptisms, weddings and funerals are all embedded in the food we eat. Every dish is a chapter of a novel.


Persikka is the outcome of one Iranian’s identity crisis. It is seeking a proper answer to the irritating question of “where are you from?”. Persikka is a possibility for Vahid to keep his head up despite all odds while telling the world his own story. For him food is the best manifestation of himself and his beloved motherlands’ culture. As a chef and a designer, he uses sophisticated culinary techniques and outstanding design skills to modernise Iranian dishes. He deconstructs traditional dishes and reshapes them into astonishing, playful, surprising, healthy and tasty foods.